The History Of Radios, The Best DJ's In America, How To Become A Dj and more only here

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The Best DJs In America

DJs don’t just make music, they do not make hit songs and are not as popular as the artists who record, but they are the reason why you hip and hop, show those crazy dance steps whenever you hit the club.

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The History of Radios

Radio was invented as a result of two other inventions, the telegraph, and the telephone. These three types of equipment are tightly related, in fact, radio technology started off as “wireless telegraphy”.

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5 Major Genres of Podcast

The Types of Shows People Are Listening To It's fair to say that podcasts...

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4 Things You Won’t Hear on Daytime Radio

From its origins as the entertainment source for the whole family to its idle...

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Alternatives to Radio

Online Destinations for Listening to Music The actual radio is a steadily dwindling medium....

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Forgotten Iconic Turntablists

The term DJ is becoming ever more ambiguous as time goes on and music...

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How to Get Your Music on The Radio

The music industry is highly competitive with many songs being produced every year. Many...

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Up and Coming Radio Stations

Internet Radio The advent of the internet meant that many radio stations today are...

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Have Modern Advancements Killed the Use of Radio

With the invention of the computer and with rapidly progressing and changing technology, it...

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Best Radios for Your Car

While radio may not be the most popular electronic device on the market today,...

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Most Memorable Moments on Radio

Radio has always been a very good information source and entertainment method. Since its...

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Is Radio Still Relevant?

Radio has been for decades one of the main informational and entertainment methods of...

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Greatest Radio DJs of All Times

Radios have been one of the main sources of news and entertainment for a...

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Best Bluetooth radios

Radios have been one of the most interesting and used entertainment gadgets in history....

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