5 Major Genres of Podcast

The Types of Shows People Are Listening To

It’s fair to say that podcasts are taking over radio. With podcast apps available on every platform and with a whole host of presenters that fit and reach every demographic, the once coveted spot as a radio show host is now shared with millions all over the globe. Podcasts commonly bring the side of the radio that isn’t music (though many bring that too), the casual conversation in between that is often funny, regularly relatable but should always be interesting. In search of this people can search more specifically for the type of content they enjoy, and even though there are new shows popping up every day with brand new ideas, the range of podcasts generally fall under the following categories.


One of the great things you can get from podcasts is more knowledge, with subject matter that touches on everything you could wish for and more, there are many shows that will help you learn. If you want to broaden your general knowledge there are lots of bitesize learning shows that teach you about everyday facts like Science vs. or maybe you would prefer something more specific like learning about the economy through Planet Money or social sciences on Hidden Brain. This is something that daytime radio rarely does and something that benefits all the listeners out there.


Everyone loves to laugh, and just as comedy is a huge chunk of the film industry people also like to get some giggles in on their way to work or when nipping to the shops. Comedy podcasts allow you to find your preferred sense of humour and listen to it often, whether you like character led madness like Comedy Bang Bang or you prefer to listen in on improv shows like Spontaneanation there is something out there for everyone. You might even get lucky and your favourite comedian might have their own show, fans of Bill Burr or Ron Burgundy can now tune in regularly for more.


There is something about modern society that has paved the way for the rise of the review. Just like the comments on amazon products and the reaction videos of YouTube, people like to know what other people think. If you like this too you will find review shows for seemingly every subject from action figures, old TV and movie shows with 20th Century Geek, singular songs to 90’s cartoons on Toon Jam.

Celebrity Talk Shows

Talk shows do still occur here. Celebrity culture is huge and listeners around the world want to know everything about their idols. Shows like the Joe Rogan Experience have a rotating cast of experts from all walks of life, while you can be more selective and check out Awards Chatter for  Hollywood centric happenings.

Talk Shows


Last but not least is the story podcast. Story through radio is almost a dying art that was the prominent form of entertainment before TV turned up in every household. Story podcasts can be big and small budget with subjects ranging from pure fiction like horror show The Black Tapes, to highly popular true crime such as the ground-breaking Serial.