Alternatives to Radio

Online Destinations for Listening to Music

The actual radio is a steadily dwindling medium. We’ve seen it shift over to digital in recent years and really ever since the age of the Internet the connectivity granted to us by the web began changing the way we listen to music. Though the radio still serves a purpose in the fact that it essentially is the go to place to let listeners know what songs and artists are currently fashionable and thus slipping the latest sounds into peoples brains through repetition, the freedom that online radio allows is much less entrancing. From making up your own playlists to simply selecting from a single artists at any given time, you can hear tracks that simply wouldn’t make it to the national airwaves all the while enjoying only the things you like and none of the stuff you don’t, but you know will get stuck on loop in your head. There are many radio alternatives out there, an endless list almost, but here are some fantastic places to start if you are sick of hearing the same tracks or listening to the same DJ’s cracking the same jokes.

Soma FM

This little online corner is a wonderful place to hear some very selective sounds. Whether you like indie rock or really obscure electronic background noise this place has dedicated stations for just that. These well curated playlists play songs from bands you probably aren’t too familiar with which is great for expanding your knowledge of new artists. The whole place runs of donations so if you enjoy the stuff you may want to give a little to keep the thing afloat.


Well known for its user base of undiscovered bedroom artists, Soundcloud has been going for a while and has millions of tracks for you to check out. Here you will find playlists, new releases and popular songs and bands at your fingertips most of which will probably be significantly under the radar. Its become one of the biggest hubs for independent music recently and is the go to for people just starting in the industry which means that not everything here is fantastic. But if you really want to find some hidden gems and catch new artists at the start of their journey there are few p
laces better.


This is kind of the more polished version of soundcloud. Here artists and labels generally make their albums available for listeners and also have dedicated pages for their merchandise. Mixing a listening platform with a marketplace, Bandcamp really helps both big and little folk make some cash, but there is still plenty of free content out there too and keep your eyes out for discounts and other offers.


This is basically the entity responsible for making radio obsolete. With a free version that simply includes ads from time to time (not much different from local radio channels) Spotify is home to an impressive library of the best selling artists in the world and some of the most unknown. Here you can find well made playlists from the brand or user created ones aswell as using its radio function which plays content similar to the music you first select. This place is unquestionably the future of Radio.