Best Bluetooth radios

Radios have been one of the most interesting and used entertainment gadgets in history. They started as informational objects that broadcasted news and they later became the main attraction in the evenings. They have evolved immensely in the past years and now we see more and more options added to them. From the simple broadcasting object they now have Wi-Fi, they are wireless and some of them even have Bluetooth that allows us to connect the radio to any smart phone. We have selected some of the best radios in order to help you choose your next favorite gadget. Ruark Audio R1 Mk3 by John Lewis is one of the cutest on the market. The design reminds us of the radios that used to be widely available during the 50’s. The combination between metal and wood makes it very versatile and simply beautiful. It is equipped with a display that shows the time and the song played if you are using the Bluetooth. It has a powerful mono speaker and even if this radio is quite small it is definitely powerful. You can choose to buy a battery that will allow you to carry this gadget around with your. It is quite expensive but the reviews show that it is worth it.

Pure Evoke H3 is the more affordable brother of Ruark Audio. The design follows the same trend featuring a mono speaker and a modern design inspired by vintage models. It has a display that shows date, time and the song playing. A very useful option is the sleep timer. Besides this, there are also many other options that make this radio perfect for home. It has the ability to auto tune and the sound is definitely superior compared to older versions. Makita DMR109 will be your favorite companion if you like working outside or camping. The producers are very proud of the battery and the tests show that it lasts for 17 hours. The exterior design is classic for a gadget used near construction sites. The radio is very proud to be one of the most resistant and durable on the market. The price point is very decent and many consider this a perfect investment for the outdoor lovers.

Makita DMR109

John Lewis Spectrum Duo is the affordable and funky radio. The exterior design reminds of a LEGO block and the vibrant orange color is very beautiful. The handle attached to this radio reminds of the good old days of the boombox. The dual speakers guarantee a very good sound and you can even put batteries in this radio if you want to carry it around. Roberts Revival IStream 2 is simply a beautiful radio. The design reminds of the equipment used by rock bands and the leather coverage is simply amazing. It also has a handle that makes it very easy to carry around. It also had a place for USB so you can play music from a memory stick. If you like vintage design, this is the perfect radio for you.