Greatest Radio DJs of All Times

Radios have been one of the main sources of news and entertainment for a very long time. They were the center piece of every living-room in the last century. The success of this device is thanks to the easiness of use and the diversity of programs. There are many themed radio channels that present mainly one thing. Besides this, there are many radio shows that stood behind the growing success of the radio. And behind these shows stood some amazing radio DJs and presenters that made us tune to that channel every single day. We have listed some of the best radio DJs of all times in order to better understand this phenomenon.

Dewey Phillips

Dewey Phillips is one of the best-known DJs from the last century. He was known as one of the main DJs that would broadcast the songs of The King, Elvis. But besides the major role he played in the launch of the career of Elvis, he has a much greater contribution to the world of radio. He was also one of the first radio personalities to support the Rock&Roll movement and the R&B music. He is known as an innovator of the radio and one of the most original DJs of all time.

Miss P is one of the most famous female radio DJs of all times. During the 70’s and 80’s the was the main personality of an underground radio channel that was the first ever station owned by a black person. The radio channel was founded by her brother and she soon became one of the most loved radio personalities. She broad-casted many indie and underground music produced by African bands and this is how much of the R&B music became popular.

Alan Freed is one of the first radio DJs to support the Rock&Roll movement. He activated mainly during the 50’s and was known as one of the most fun radio personalities to hear. He promoted many young music bands and he is widely considered one of the best promoters of the bands that later became famous. His career unfortunately ended because of the payola scandal but he will always be remembered as one of the most innovative radio personalities in history.

Jocko Henderson

Jocko Henderson was a true pioneer in the radio world. He was one of the first African-American radio DJs in history. He was extremely loved for his warm, baritone voice and sense of humor. He worked very much and for many years he did the morning show in New York and the evening show in Philly. He will be remembered as one of the best radio personalities.

Wolfman Jack is one of the most interesting radio personalities. His radio was situated near the border with Mexico, but the signal could be heard all the way up to Canada. The music heard at this radio channel was very diverse and Wolfman was trying to promote all sorts of artists. He later starred in many TV shows.