Have Modern Advancements Killed the Use of Radio

With the invention of the computer and with rapidly progressing and changing technology, it has been a concern to some that the radio may become a thing the past. However, this is not the case, radio still allows communication where the internet often fails. Let’s explore a few of the ways in which radio is still a great option!

No Electricity Needed

For one thing, radio can give live broadcasts and information even when electricity is not available. It has actually become popular for people living in tornado prone areas such as Texas to own a weather radio that can be hand cranked and used in case of an emergency. Tornado watches and warnings are broadcast when weather conditions become dangerous and it is necessary to know about these regardless of whether or not you have access to electricity or the internet. This is very important since people may only have minutes to seek shelter to get out of harms’ way. Weather broadcasts can also help residents to plan their day and are very important for people who are farming or thinking of going out on the water to fish or for recreational purposes. In case of an emergency, a radio can be a life saver!

Car Radio

Technology is always adjusting to the needs of the consumer and modern car radios are typically designed and built to integrate and synchronize with the different smart phones that are available. Radio has now progressed to the point where there is even satellite version, for instance SiriusXM radio. Sirius satellite radio works by a subscription so whilst it is not free to listen to, it does offer a huge number of radio stations, with news and sports stations and is an option for those who like a variety to choose from.

Radio is still a great feature to have when you are spending long periods of time in traffic. Listening to the radio helps keep people awake while they are driving and also is a fine means of stimulating entertainment via the numerous talk shows covering all manner of subjects from politics to celebrity gossip! Considering how many people commute to work in their cars; this is a very important feature. Many goods are also transported by trucks and drivers often have to travel for several hours. In the absence of a driving companion, the radio can help to keep you awake and to stave off the boredom associated with the monotonous and repetitive activity of long haul driving.


Another way that radio works is to provide information to the public. Certainly, this is the case in rural regions and third world countries where communication is less advanced. Radio has actually expanded over the years to reach even more people all around the world. For instance, information can be broadcast at all hours of the day and night.  Radio has continued to be vital in cases of natural disasters where typically regular communication systems are reduced or often lost for a time. In these scenarios the radio helps to facilitate the relief efforts on the ground without delay.

Radio has not been killed off by modern advancements instead it has actually flourished thanks to designers integrating technology into the systems. It is still a very necessary part of our lives especially when disaster strikes, and we have no other way to communicate and because sometimes even the simplest designs continue to be just what is needed!