How to Become a DJ

Are you thinking of taking up a career in Disc Jockey? And you are looking for a concise guide to expose you to the rudiments of becoming a good DJ? Come on board as we take you through a guide of how to become a DJ. Here are the following steps and notes you need to know before taking any move towards becoming a DJ.

What Type of DJ Do You Want to Become?

Simply put, a DJ is anyone who plays already recorded music for an audience, DJ’ing can mean dishing out hot songs in a club or even using an iPod to play a list of songs in a food boot. So, before you make that move towards becoming a DJ, you have to understand the various categories of DJs and where they function. Lucky enough for you we have a list laid out for you that will give you proper insight into the various categories of DJs. They are:

The Club/Bar DJ

Most clubs and bars prefer to hire one DJ to take care of the music needs of their customers. So, a DJ who plays in a club surely works there in a recurring gig (except for some special events). As we all know, every club has their own reputation, feel and audience. Even bars have their own style of music and what they expect from their DJs. If you plan on becoming a DJ for a nightclub, you should know that your main duty is to keep the dance floor busy with non-stop jams that will constantly blow the audience away. This is not the same scenario in bars and hangs out as their music needs depend on the kind of audience they have.

The Guest/ Performer DJ

If your party well, you will surely be familiar with certain big shows and events where top-notch DJs are invited as guests to come and grace the occasion. People usually pay to see some DJs perform because of their reputation and talent behind the decks. This kind of DJs is called the Guest or performer DJ. There are renowned for their abilities behind the decks and can wow their audience with so many amazing tricks. This type of DJs is good on the turntable and can perform various record tricks, such as cutting, scratching etc.

The Mobile/ Wedding DJ

This is the most stressful category of DJ’ing. You will be required to assemble your own equipment, gather and create your own mixtapes, playlists and be open to offers and emergency bookings. This kind of DJs is very comfortable and will work their way into the hearts of their audiences, as they go around offering musical services in weddings, ceremonies, and social events.

The Radio DJ

A radio DJ works for a radio station as either a full-time DJ that handles music sessions for audiences or a DJ that plays cool music between other radio programmes. This type of DJs is quietly being replaced online by online radios and podcasts. Stay with us as we bring you the next step which you will have to take towards becoming a DJ in our next article.