How to Get Your Music on The Radio

The music industry is highly competitive with many songs being produced every year. Many musicians struggle to become successful, but if you are to stand even the slightest chance of becoming successful you need to be noticed. There are ways to promote your music, and even though people post songs on such media as YouTube or Facebook, the radio is still a good idea.
Promoting your music is not easy though and it may be difficult to get your music on the radio.

Non-Commercial Stations

It is generally easier to get your music played on a non-commercial radio station, such as a college radio station or a community radio station like NPR. These radio stations may not have as wide an audience as you are looking for, but it is a step in the right direction. As you gain more exposure you can approach smaller commercial stations which may then be willing to play your music. It is a good idea to have several copies of promotion CDs made. These will contain your songs and music and the idea is to send these CDs out to the program director of various radio stations. After a couple of weeks you should contact the radio station to see if they have any feedback for you.

Know Your Genre

It is important to know something about radio stations and radio station markets. Firstly, you should target stations that play music that is in your genre. In other words, if your music is rock, then your target should be the ones that play that type of music. You should not waste your time sending promotional CDs to a country music station but do instead send a CD to a rock music station.

Commercial radio stations air commercials and are privately owned stations which are often reluctant to play music from an unknown music artist. This means that it may take a lot of work and persistence on your part to convince them to play your music. A good step may be to play a gig at a night club or event and inform the radio station about it. What would be even better is if the radio station is involved in an event where you can play your music.

If you find you are having no luck with the commercial stations, then find a college station. These stations have much more flexibility in terms of what music they can play. You will also be able to add this to your resume and will help to attract fans to your music. It may be a good idea at this stage to have a music video on YouTube which fans can find. This will further promote your music and you never know who else may come across your music. Certainly, a commercial radio station may start to hear about you as your music starts to become popular and your name starts to spread.

Getting your music on the radio can be very difficult but it is not impossible. With some persistence you may be able to get your music played on the radio.