Is Radio Still Relevant?

Radio has been for decades one of the main informational and entertainment methods of the people. It used to be the best friend during the long winter evenings and the dance partner during summer. But lately we see manly other methods to obtain information and music. The Internet changed the whole game, and many consider that radio is not relevant anymore. We see that there are a limited number of radio channels that broadcast for a specific category and they are usually loaded with commercials. The Internet offers a commercial free space where everything is one click away.

The radio was widely used during the 20th century for information and music. All the relevant news was broadcasted almost instantly, and this caused a decrease in the popularity if newspapers. People wanted to learn the newest information instantly. This is why the whole debate about the relevance of the radio appeared. The world changed completely when Internet appeared. It was not a major threat for the radio in the beginning but now we see countless music and news applications that announce us about anything even being away from home or the car. The radio didn’t have this ability, until recently. Many radio channels understood that the next battle ground is the Internet. Many radio channels give us the options to listen on-line to their broadcasts in order to stay tuned.

We see that despite all these draw-backs, radio is still one of the main sources of information and entertainment. Every morning we get into our cars and most of us tune to the radio. Yes, there is the option to connect the Smartphone and listen to the music of our choice but most of us just want to hear the news. About 90% of the drivers stated that they mainly listen to the radio while driving because they want to hear the news and to listen to new music. Also, you can’t check the news while driving or access any news application. The easiest method to hear the latest news in the morning or in the afternoon is to tune with the radio. Another major advantage is that the radio broadcasts about car accidents in your area or closed roads. The radio understood that the largest amounts of listeners are drivers and adapted for them.

Another group of listeners can be found in offices and factories. People like to hear music or even special shows while working because it helps them relax. Listening to your favorite music is also an option but most of the offices still have a radio that plays at least 8 hours a day. Another great advantage is that radio is much cheaper than a Smartphone with unlimited Internet. There are many persons that appreciate this thing and they continue to listen to the radio because of this.

Radio can be still considered relevant in this century because it had the ability to adapt in such a way that we will still have it in our cars, at the workplace and even at home.