The Best DJs In America

DJs don’t just make music, they do not make hit songs and are not as popular as the artists who record, but they are the reason why you hip and hop, show those crazy dance steps whenever you hit the club. In concerts, musical shows and expositions, DJs are actually responsible for the quality of music dished out to the crowd, dictating the tempo, flow, and genre of music and awing the crowd until they can’t take it no more. DJs do not record music (except for artists who combine the two), but they understand the sense of music for every occasion, crowd and party. They actually listen to every new song and have a vast knowledge of the various genres of music, understanding when they are played. You sometimes get into a party and wonder why the DJ always plays the songs in your mind. even songs you thought you hate when played by the right DJ at the right time, you cannot help but fall in love with the song. DJs understand the rhythm and the flows needed by an audience at a particular event. DJs are really passionate about music and when they become successful, there is no limit to what they can achieve. We bring to you four of the best DJs in the United States.

Markus Schulz

One of the most successful DJs that ever lived in America is Markus. He is a knowledgeable professional who has a unique style of pitch bends and square waves. He has been in the music business for a very long time and is over forty years old now. His style of music mixing is widely enjoyed all over America, you would not mention his name anywhere and not get head turning.


If you party a lot in the states, you must have danced to Diplo’s Make It Bun Dem, Bangarang, Scary Monsters, Nice Sprites and Kill everybody. Diplo is another great DJ who is also into the game of rapping. He is a matured DJ who is into teaching and has Mad Decent signed under his management as a record company. He has worked with almost all the famous artists all over the world today, the likes of Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, and Britney Spears. Some of his best works include Earthquake, Express Yourself, and revolution.

Seth Troxler

Seth hails from the Lake Orion, in Michigan and draws his musical inspiration from the music glory of the acid house and the Chicago house of the 90s. he is renowned for his languid, laid-back musical style which the grooves and spins with character and imagination, giving that dash of genuine underground feel to the biggest stages of dance music.

Maceo Plex

Plex moved with the flow from the Eric Estornel’s open house journey, flexing from his birthplace in Cuba through Dallas, Miami and now Barcelona Spain. He has spent over 20 years in disc jockey and music production and have sold out a lot of shows with his musical dynamism and coherence. He has worked with the names mark, Mariel Ito, Estornel and now Maceo Plex. He has also gained worldwide reputation for his expertise in producing good music.