The Best Radio Stations in Britain

Are you looking to find a great radio station in Britain? Here is a list of the two best radio stations that will keep you glued to your radio all day long.

BBC Radio 2

This is the most popular radio station in the entire United Kingdom. The station has the highest number of listeners and loyal fans as it is the most loved radio station with thousands (if not millions) of persons tuned in all round the clock. You are sure to always listen to something interesting whenever you tune in to BBC Radio 2. The radio station is a mix of the old and new school. The presenters are awesome, from the breakfast shows down to the last programme. You get to find out what’s going on in the news break or no more about sports and games in the sports programme.

The Steve right shows in the afternoon comes with plenty of funny and interesting breaks, you are sure to have something new for the even whether its news or a fun fact. You can listen to plenty other talk shows that is laced with constant music breaks or even special musical shows with some of the best DJs at your service. If you are a fan of strong journalism, this station has something for you also, The Jeremy Vine talk show is the right choice. He dishes out great and interesting news and facts during his show and you are sure to get something heavy whenever you tune in to his show. Generally, you are going to have fun.

Another fact that makes this radio station stand out from all other stations in the U.K. is their method of advertisement. You will not be interrupted at every slightest opportunity with boring ads. Most listeners love the BBC 2 for this. Adverts are only aired on BBC Radio shows which are nice and puts the dull moments that ads bring to radio programmes.

Absolute Radio

If you are not a fan of repetitive music, this is the right radio station for you. Most beautiful radio programmes are marred by too much of repetitive music and ads but with the Absolute radio, you will be getting none of that. It is even stated on their website with a bold “no repeat guarantee” mantra just to make sure they pass the message. The station also offers a wide range of music selections that can be very interesting and heavy at the same time. If you are a fan of old school music. You might not love some of their selections.

The station has very little talk shows which are great. This means that you can listen to different selections of music with little interruptions, this is great for those who love to discover new songs on the radio. The two radio stations rank amongst the best in the U.K and are followed by thousands of faithful radio fans. Even with the strong competition which the internet brings, these stations have found a way to keep their fans tuned in all round the clock with amazing radio shows and music sessions.