Two Top Disc Jockeys in Britain

Radio disc jockeys are the best when it comes to lighting up our day. A bad day can be fixed by just turning to the radio and listening to that amazing track that can get you back on your feet. We all have one person to thank for all that amazing musical treat- the radio DJ.  The radio DJ handles the musical sessions of radio programs. Some of them are so good that they will leave you wondering if they have the ability to read your mind. With the coming of the internet, the job of the radio DJ has been made extremely difficult as people now turn to the internet for new music. Radio presenters are now faced with the task of working extremely hard to find sweet and entertaining music of all types and genres just for you. Let’s take a look at two of the best two DJs in the U.K. that were very good at their job.

Adrian John

BACK ROW (l-r) Adrian John, Mike Read, Paul Burnett
FRONT ROW: Pete Murray, Ed Stewart, David Hamilton

Adrian is a popular disc jockey that started off his career in the entertainment industry in the 80s. his broadcasting career kicked off on the QE2 Liner. He joined BBC Radio 1 in 1983 where he was a regular host of the early morning show. He was also a presenter on television as he hosted episodes on Top of the Pops show. He also went on regular radio tours with other radio presenters on the Radio 1 Roadshow. Adrian quit Radio 1 in 1989 and went on to host an afternoon show on the BBC Radio Kent. He was deeply missed by his fan after his departure from Radio 1. Adrian later partnered with Capital Gold where he hosted the breakfast show on the station’s Kent opt-out from 1999 to 2004. In 2004 Adrian joined Saga Radio and hosted his show in the evening during weekdays. He is known for his cool style and priceless music selection abilities.

Peter Michael Tong

Michael is another popular English DJ that players regularly for BBC Radio 1. Tong hosts many programmes like the Essential Selection and the Essential Mix on the radio services which is accessed through internet radio streams, by his record label (FFRR Records) and also for his private performances at music festivals and nightclubs. He is also regarded as the “global ambassador for electronic music” as he worked previously as a record producer.

A popular phrase “it’s all gone Pete Tong” is slang for “something wrong” which was formed by Paul Oakenfold in one of his articles about the acid house. Tong also appeared briefly in a movie called “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” which showcases a fictional DJ’s experience as he found out that he is going deaf. The phrase was also adopted by Tong for night radio programme in America on iHeartRadio’s “Evolution” EDM format platform and his club shows in Pacha nightclub in Ibiza.

Tong is famous for his style of play, his selections, and professional mixes. He is one of the DJs that really shook the airwaves in Britain.