Up and Coming Radio Stations

Internet Radio

The advent of the internet meant that many radio stations today are largely online streaming media services. One of these great radio stations is a public ones found in Seattle, Washington. KEXP 90.3 FM was developed in collaboration with Paul Allen and the University of Washington and is often the first to play new music, before it’s even available on Spotify or Pandora.

XRAY.FM in Portland, Oregon is also a great up and coming radio station formed just a few years ago and featuring a wide selection of music as well as various talk radio programs. The station broadcasts around the clock which makes it very popular in the region and is widely considered as one of the more progressive radio stations, certainly more developed than many of the established ones in the country.

A completely internet-only radio is Dublab in Los Angeles, California which offers the option to download programs. This is a nonprofit radio station that raised money with the help of crowd funding campaign and from various grants that they received. They use different DJs and like to showcase all types of emerging music and music artists.

Another new up and coming radio station in the United States is radio station Glee which was created in response to the hugely successful run of the television series of the same name. This radio station plays songs from the aforementioned show and you can conveniently download the app for the radio to your smartphone or play the music online. In addition, much of the music and songs are performed by the actual cast of the show.

International Stations

America is not the only place where there are new up and coming radio stations. In the UK the BBC developed BBC radio 6 which is an entirely digital radio station. It is popular since it plays music from a wide range of music genres, such as jazz and soul and even dance music.

Similarly, new on the radio scene is the growing station NTS radio in London, UK. It showcases a range of different types of music and they have over 200 hosts that they feature which means there is always someone new to listen to with a different point of view! 

There are various new internet radio stations that have arisen in the United Kingdom. Mod radio and Sound Fusion radio are two such examples of popular internet radios in the UK, which you can easily access. Mod radio features modern music that it plays 24 hours a day whilst Sound Fusion radio focuses on playing music from black music artists. Another interesting station is LMR radio in London which is focused on playing music for the Indian community there.

Several up and coming radio stations can now be found throughout different countries around the globe. Much of this is due to the use of the internet which has enabled music to be live streamed and music programs to be downloaded.